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ENGI 1331 — Computing and Problem Solving for Engineers


Description: Introduction to computing; matrix arithmetic, programming constructs, algorithms and graphical visualization using MATLAB; problem solving applications in engineering analysis and design.

Prerequisites: ENGI 1100, MATH 2413 and CHEM 1311 or PHYS 2325

Credit Hours: 3

Course Goals

  • to instill students with a problem solving mindset,
  • to provide students with a process to solve a variety of engineering problems, and
  • to introduce students to programming in MATLAB as a tool to solve engineering problem

Course Topics

  • Programming Skills with applications to engineering problems
    • Data types: scalars, vectors, matrices, cell arrays, strings, logical arrays, structured variables
    • Basic Programming, user inputs, outputs, importing and exporting of various data types (.csv, .txt, .xls, and image file types)
    • Built-in functions and User-defined functions
    • Conditional structures
    • Looping structures (while and for)
    • Graphical representation and applications (plotting, regression, imaging)
  • Introductory engineering topics: data analysis, numerical analysis, mechanics, resistors, image processing (biomedical), material science