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Whether you are going to be a freshman at the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering or if you are already here, this site was designed to provide you with all of the information you need about the First Year Experience in Engineering at the University of Houston.

The First Year Experience includes two courses, Introduction to Engineering (ENGI 1100) and Computing & Problem Solving (ENGI 1331). Our mission is to improve student success and retention in upper level engineering courses and the engineering profession by focusing on problem solving and students’ professional and personal development in the First Year Experience courses through project-based and active learning environments. 

What is being done to achieve this mission?

  • Encouraging development and application of engineering fundamentals and tools.
  • Basing classroom activities and instruction on engineering education best practices.
    • Conducting engineering education research in order to understand the support our diverse student body requires to succeed.
    • Understanding how the First Year Experience and active learning classroom impacts students’ knowledge transfer to upper level courses.
  • Group project-based curriculums to ensure students gain skill sets necessary to interact in their upper level courses and future careers.